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The struggle of lockdown cooking: ‘Some of y’all need to be arrested for those struggle meals’

Posted by Lutho Pasiya on April 1, 2020

As the country remains on lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, the epidemic is testing people’s skill and patience in the kitchen.

Restaurants and cafes have been closed since the start of the lockdown and most people cannot access already-made-meals, therefore taking this opportunity to improve their cooking skills. 

But cooking most of your meals at home while limiting trips to the grocery store and dealing with various ingredient shortages is not an easy task to do. 

Scrolling through social media this week, I found that Twitter users are facing difficulties in the kitchen with some not having enough ingredients, too much chopping and with others fed-up with everyday cooking. 

Here are some of the tweets about cooking in the age of lockdown because of coronavirus. 

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