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Electric/Alternative - Fuel/Vehicles | Posted by admin on October 13, 2010

New York Jets are NFL’s most solar team

New York Jets solar

(Image Credit: Yingli Green Energy)

Three thousand solar panels have been installed at the training facility for the New York Jets. They will provide the training, teaching, and medical facility with 750,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, and offset about 540 metric tons of carbon emissions. The Jets’ administration says they have the largest photovoltaic system of any NFL team’s facilities.

Thad Sheely, the New York Jets executive vice president of finance and stadium development said, “This project is the first of many green initiatives on behalf of the team, and we are proud to be green in color and also in deed” (source: Getsolar.com). Solar power generated by the panels is expected to save the company tens of thousands of dollars annually because the rate they pay for it is less than that charged by local utilities.

“The ecological footprint for professional sports is not gigantic, but the cultural iconic influence of sports is almost unparalleled. We need to merge the culture of science with the culture of sports if we want to get the message out,” said Dr. Alan Dr. Allen Hershkowitz from the National Resources Defense Counci (source: Associated Press).

The solar panels were manufactured by Yingli Solar in Baoding, China. Companies including SunDurance Energy, a New Jersey based solar power solution provider, and Evolution Energies participated in the project. Funding was provided by Syncarpha Capital.

Two other NFL teams have solar technology. The New England Patriots have a 525-kilowatt solar array at Foxborough Massachusetts’s Patriot Place, and the SeaHawks have an installation at Qwest Field.

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