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BCLG is more than a web site, it is a mind set. It is a belief that we can do better. Derived from a desire to leave more than a legacy of wealth & fortunes to our children. A desire to leave an inheritance of a promising future for the children of our great, great grandchildren. Understanding that if we do not make adjustments to our use of resources they may not have adequate necessities to sustain themselves. A mind set that realizes Earth as a rare commodity. Until our technology brings us to the point that we can be brought to another suitable planet to sustain us, it is all we have. For us to get to that level we need to manage resources properly, Thinking outside of the box, Buying outside of the norm, Teaching to Love Our Earth back to good health.

Information highways stream from all points of the world giving us a unique perspective of the word community. We at BCLG want to use this opportunity to bring knowledge and products to like minded people all over the world so that they may be informed and empowered with ways to continue to help Preserve Our Precious Earth.

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